Metabolic map creation

Click on Visualization in the menu bar to Create new map. You can create a metabolic map by clicking and moving network objects from the toolbar onto the main network view window.



The toolbar for creating/editing a map:


Add a map

Add a reaction

Add a metabolite

Add a label

Add a dotted line

Add an undirected line

Add a directed line

Add a bidirected line

Delete the selected item(s)


Pan: Yon can pan a map by dragging and dropping left-click button over an empty point.

Zoom: You can zoom out or zoom in a map by scrolling up or down, respectively.

Select: You can click on an object to select it or you can hold right-click button to drag the mouse to select groups of objects.

Move: You can move any selected object by dragging and dropping it.

Delete: After selecting objects, you can right click over the selected items or click the Delete button in the toolbar for deletion.

Merge: After selecting identical objects, you can right click over the selected items to merge.