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Metabolic Network Draft Generation

Draft metabolic network generation requires a reference SBML file and the list of reciprocal blast best hits as inputs to proceed.

By taking these two inputs, we are assuming that query ORFs in the best hit list have the same functions as their corresponding reference ORFs. The generator only keeps reactions, in which all associated reference ORFs under "AND" condition and partial reference ORFs under "OR" condition have best hit matches to query ORFs. Only when those two criteria are met, the reference ORF id are replaced by corresponding query id, and the metabolites involved in those reactions are kept in the draft SBML file.

The draft in SBML format can be saved as the final output after query is submitted and can be further curated and edited manually in flux balance analysis softwares such as COBRA.

Upload a reference SBML file (sample, iAF1260)
    SBML File:

Upload a one to one gene pair file (sample, SLT2vsECO)
    Gene Pair File:

Type in a model name
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