• To Install GEMSiRV

For all operating systems

Please unzip the compressed file provided in the Download. No installation is needed. Just click on the "GEMSiRV.jar" to run GEMSiRV.

  • To Install GLPK

(GEMSiRV can be operated for network reconstruction without GLPK. However, it is required to install GLPK if you would like to perform FBA simulation in GEMSiRV.)

For Windows

After extracting the file you downloaded (e.g., please add the path of glpsol.exe to your Environment variables.
1. Open the Control Panel
2. Click System
3. Click Advanced system setting
4. Open Environment variables
5. Edit Path
6. Add variable value ";the path where glpsol.exe locate" (e.g. ;D:\winglpk-4.45\w64)

For Linux/Mac

Please follow the official GLPK document contained in each GLPK distribution.