Metabolic Maps

KEGG pathway maps

Load KEGG maps

GEMSiRV is designed to recognize KEGG Metabolism pathway maps which are made in KEGG Markup Language. You can directly retrieve KEGG pathway maps in GEMSiRV by setting a link where XML files locate (e.g. Alternatively, you can import KEGG pathway maps that you have in your local machine to GEMSiRV.

Load CellDesigner maps

GEMSiRV can also recognize SBML files generated by CellDesigner, which is a popular kinetic modeling tool of biochemical networks with graphical user interface.

The SBML models for KEGG compatible to CellDesigner can be found and downloaded in In addition, a software KEGG2SBML can convert KEGG pathway files to SBML files. For demonstration, a SBML file eco00010.xml is provided here.

Customized maps

Here, we provide several customized maps for your reference.

A core map for E coli text model (core map.cartomap).

A genome-scale map for iYL1228 (iYL1228.cartomap).