TextReplacer, a simple tool for unifying the information described in SBML files.

TextReplacer can simply solve the known naming issues existed in the SBML files for further collecting and managing information from different SBML files.

For examples, the species id for metabolite D-glucose in SBML file may be "glc-D", "glc_D" or "glc_DASH_D", and the compartment outside the cell may be "extracellular", "extraorganism" or "extra-organism".

The problem make it difficult in connecting data from different data sources that do not necessarily use the same id for the same object.

Therefore, with the aid of TextReplacer, the redundant data can be reduced before importing SBML models into the GEMSiRV.

Demo TextReplacer.png

You should have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) before you run TextReplacer.

Download Text Replacer